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Marvel Contest Of Champions – Alliance Quests

The alliance quests

A small topic on which it is very important to go further in the game. There are 5 days, and then you have three days without rest.
The prestige: It is calculated with the best champions of each member of the alliance. It will define the number of points you will get after personal beating. The higher your prestige is up more points you have and vice versa. When you open a quest you have 24 hours to deal with them. After this time expires you must open another quest  before 24 hours of time-line. There are 3 groups of 10 people to the most. The 3 champions you use in QA cannot be used in other quests. You have a maximum use of 15 object quest 24.
Ultron we moved to Venom and also a new classification for the rewards and changing categories. You have in the alliance tab some cash, be sure to fill up your cash in gold and loyalty to avoid wasting time opening your map. There are 5 different maps and rewards which should not be overlooked. when you start in your alliance QA you have the Maps 1-2-3 revealed.

Classification categories:

There are 6 categories
  • Training
  • Normal
  • Peak
  • Gifted
  •  Superhuman
  • Untold
Your Rating defines your mounted or lowering category. Plus category is more high rewards and steps are interesting rewards. The attached image of the rankings.

How to play well:

Warning !!! Do not start your quest without observing the map and chose the right champions. Do not type on terminals that are always enabled by related terminals. Communicate and try to always take the same paths. Define roles for each member: scout / middle boss Killer / Killer Boss … and do not change. Related terminals: terminals violet gives a particular capacity to an intermediate boss or bosses or to another terminal. Hulkbuster can be expected next week to have Groot.
The event that hurts for 1 year of the game when you get on the last rounds of the kingdom is limited captions if you get there to make (but try to have a stock of potions result) Act 4 Chapter 3 open and it is also not obvious. New segmentation of alliances quests. I speak to you in an upcoming article. I’m waiting to find out when the rest of the masters will be released to the article about the Masters. If that is not done quickly I speak you will master double edge.

Marvel: Contest of Champions Hero Fighting

If Marvel makes sparks in cinema, the picture is less bright than the radius of video games. For a good Guardians of the Galaxy, how poor Captain America: The Winter Soldier of or Thor: The Dark World? This will possibly change with the next headline from the House of Ideas. MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack will be a fighting game that will pit the heroes of the Marvel stable. This title looks a lot like its equivalent in DC, Injustice: Gods Among Us [2.1 – US – Free (in app purchases) – iPhone / iPad – 746 MB – Warner Bros.], which for him graphic design fly high .
This new Marvel game is more traditional in its graphics processing, but no doubt the pleasure of meeting his heroes (and villains) preferred and see the fight will be a sufficient argument to attract fans. Furthermore, the scenario was entrusted to Sam Humphries, to whom we owe a suitable comics Martian adventures of John Carter.
The title was developed by Marvel, a specialist studio of freemium games that often tends to pull the rope micro payments. No date has yet been revealed for the launch of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Mobile Strike Update Fixed The Gold Glitch

Mobile Strike is an electronic motor sport with Quake and Statecraft athlete brings together various aspects of spirit: teamwork, competition, equal opportunity and success is logical that the game has taken on a large number of players desire to compete. So for several years clans born in equipment or Internet generally composed of five players in order to face these teams of Mobile Strike Hack really develop as such instructors, managers and sponsors. Since 2001 in Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, England and France were the first professional teams that travel the European continent to contest sponsored by major tournaments empress The phenomenon also came to the United States where the first tournaments were held with great prizes ($ 150,000 per winner) .26 This is how it began to form associations to gather professional players and encourage the emergence of electronic sports. There are so many professional leagues in line that support the game as the Cyber athlete Amateur League (CAL) or Cyber Evolution. Big competitions take place in the United States, Europe and Asia as the Cyber athlete Professional League (CPL), the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC), the World e-Sports Games (WEG) and the World Cyber ??Games (WCG). Sometimes even these championships matches are relayed and discussed on TV.

In these tournaments only use type maps “de_” .The competition maps vary played in competition, but the top five are de_dust, de_train, de_inferno, de_Tuscan and de_nuke.27 To return the most dynamic games last rounds maximum 2 minutes.

Mobile strike

Mobile Strike is in 2012 still one of the most played games of action in first person in international competitions. Its main remake the Mobile Strike: Source not get to impose on the big teams and clans which is a problem because the organizers of these competitions are increasingly difficult to find sponsors in the middle of computing because Mobile Strike dates from 1999 and runs on less powerful configurations what attracts fewer new players

After the last two failures Valve released a new version  (or CS: S), released on October 7, 2015. The game is based on the Source engine, the engine of Half-Life 2. The graphics were improved significantly and the interactions with objects using the physical engine. The game thus gains in realism and graphic level to current production in its launch date. The running game was modified but still basically very close to anteriores.34 versions Mobile Strike Cheats Source is sold together with the game Half-Life 2 and also in a stand-alone version, sold with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Day of Defeat: Source for thirty euros.35 Despite the apparent changes, this new version does not replace the old Mobile Strike. Following the rejection by many players due to the need to have a good PC to jugar.36 Some players criticize the game for its graphics lost its gameplay that public discontent caracterizaba.37 This can be seen in numerous statistics since the original game always has a 40% stake players of action games in first person, followed by Mobile Strike: Source with 29% .38

Faced with this criticism, a group of developers outside Valve developed a mod Mobile Strike: Source; the CS Promod, promising gameplay Mobile Strike Facebook Page while retaining the graphics engine